Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The End of Maternity Leave

The end is here! 

This chapter of staying home with my sweet, new baby has come to a close as I return to work tomorrow. To jazz things up a bit this time around, we opted to keep Salem home as well and even Colin for a few weeks before he started Kindergarten. It was very FULL maternity leave but SO, SO good! We potty-trained, sleep-trained, went to the zoo about 4 times (maybe 5, I lost count), read 'Panda Bear, Panda Bear' about 100 times, and I drank more coffee in the last 10 weeks than any human probably should. 

Of course I enjoyed the time with my new little girl but I have to say what I enjoyed most about my time off was getting to know Salem a little bit more. He has been a challenging one from the start and this time with him was just what we needed. 

He can be needy but he is truly sweet and loves his little sister so fiercely! He's demanding but always the first to show concern when someone is upset. 

He takes awhile to wake up after naps and in the morning but the cuddling is so worth it. And once he puts his mind to something (like potty-training, luckily), there's no turning back! 

But, most importantly, he loves his Mama, his Dad, his Colin, and his Tessa more than anything in the world. He's a good one, that kid. And we are lucky enough to call him 'ours' :)

Tessa Faith // Two Months

Height: 23.5 inches, 82nd percentile
Weight: 12 lb. 14 oz., 76th percentile
HC: 15.75 inches, 87th percentile

{SHE'S HUGE. The pediatrician even mentioned not to worry if she doesn't roll over very much because 'she's a big girl'!}

Tessa Faith - Two Months:

Has started 'cooing' and flashing her big, blue eyes (it may just be my imagination, but her 'coo's sound so much sweeter than the boys')
The eyes. I hope they stay that blue forever.
Started sucking her thumb! Neither of the boys did that so we are pretty smitten for now.
Not a fan of nighttime car rides. Girl likes to be in her crib AT bedtime.
Went on her first overnight trip with mom and dad to Columbus, Ohio for Chris' birthday celebration (she shopped all day and slept through dinner - amazing!)