Sunday, February 28, 2010

Colin's Baby Dedication

Our church is a non-denominational, Christian church and does not do baby water baptisms. They believe that a water baptism should be a personal choice to mark your personal journey with God. Since babies cannot make this decision on their own, they instead have baby dedications to show that the parents' have decided to bring up the child in the ways of the church and pray over each individual child and family. My parents and my friend Stephanie joined us on this special day:

Colin Michael
Sunday February 28th, 2010

Pastor Marcus Mecum and wife Sara praying over Colin and our family

Hockey Night

This Friday we took Colin to his first hockey game to see the Cincinnati Cyclones. He had a blast! We got lucky with great seats so we were very close to the ice and he could easily see the action. He was dancing like a crazy person to the music (he LOVES to dance) and craning his neck around us to people-watch - there are a lot of interesting people at hockey games. It was a great, cheap family night!

Wearing his beloved "Sid the Kid" Penguins sweater

Seeing the game through Colin's eyes (his first picture)

We are secretly hoping that Colin will want to play hockey so there will be many more of these family nights in the near future!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Official Little Swimmer!

Colin finished up another round of swim lessons this weekend at the Mercy Healthplex in Anderson. Here is the official certificate of achievement (his FIRST report card!):

It is very small so I will point out the important things:

1) She spelled his name 'Collin'. I'm sorry, Colin. This will be a life-long battle for you. I did not realize that when I chose the name. But I still like it and I would do it all over again! For everyone else, it's ONE "L".

2) He has improved in his swimming dramatically this past session. He has begun to blow bubbles, to go under water with the help of an adult and come back up with no problem, and he can do the doggie paddle! Look out Michael Phelps! It was so exciting to see him actually "get it". Now we are even more excited for the warm weather to get here so that Colin can show off his skills.

It's amazing how much their bodies change and develop over time. How wonderfully thought-out we are all made!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lipstick Jungle

This weekend, we decided to let Colin play independently for awhile so we could steal a few more minutes of sleep. That was bad idea #1. Bad idea #2 - I left my purse laying out on the floor. After a few minutes of silence, I began to wonder what the little guy was up to. He was being TOO quiet. I walked out and saw this:

Look closely. He put my lipstick on! On his lips, his hands, the carpet and his clothes. Very nice surprise. Not to worry, the girly moment didn't last long. Here's his latest toy:

Yes, it moves! And he knows how to work it, too. He doesn't quite have the steering part down but he gets this proud smile on his face when he's riding. LOVE it!