Tuesday, April 13, 2010

18 Months

So I'm a little behind. Colin is now a few days past 18 months, but who's counting? Here's a glance at the little guy today...

Weight: 21 lbs. and some odd ounces
Height: barely 30 inches
(did I mention he's small?)

'Mama', 'Mommy', 'Mom' - me
'Daddy' - Chris (or me, he mixes them up sometimes)
'Doggy' - dog
'Puppy' - anything that moves on four legs and may or may not have fur
'Bubba' - sippy cup or give me a drink now!
'Ball' - ball
'Baw-ball' - basketball, football, baseball
'Bye Bye' - good-bye
'Hi' - hello
'Night night' - good night

New Foods:
Grits, figs, lamb, blackberries, chocolate, and the basics

Feeding himself with a fork and spoon - in fact, he doesn't like us to feed him at all

Hitting a ball

Shooting a ball into the hoop
Climbing in and out of a playpen
Riding his 4 wheeler

I wish I would have started doing this sooner! It would have been fun to see the changes. He has grown so much!

I'll leave you with a few pictures of him in his favorite room in the house - the porch:

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Bunny Visits Periwinkle Drive

Chris' Mom and Bob came in to visit for the weekend so we all went to church on Saturday night at Seven Hills. Colin looked very dapper for the occasion:

(Did you notice his little hands in his pockets? He totally poses now)

The Easter Bunny surprised us Sunday morning with an overflowing basket tucked in Colin's igloo:

Notice the marshmallow filled mouth? He loves chocolate! I have been extremely hesitant to give him any junk food because of his allergies. Sometimes chocolate can have different additives in them - such as wheat and soy - or the manufacturers will produce the chocolate products in the same space as those with nuts. He's done very well with M&M's and Dove chocolates. No reactions thus far! 

We enjoyed the beautiful day with our family. Hope everyone had a "Hoppy Easter"!