Thursday, October 22, 2009

This Little Piggy Stayed Home...

That's right, the swine flu has hit the Trella household with full force! On Friday, Colin came home with a pretty high temp and the rest of the symptoms followed suit. Then, to add to the already delightful situation, his one year molars started to break through as well. Might as well get it all over and done with!

Of course, Colin still manages to keep himself entertained (I think we are both going slightly stir crazy from being cooped-up all week). He's taken on a new interest in climbing into very small spaces. It kinda reminds of that character from Ocean's Eleven. Hopefully this won't be something that turns into a life-long interest. 

It's been bittersweet to be home with him - I truly value the time and LOVE seeing how he's growing and changing, but after reading through my work emails I feel guilty for not being out in the field. Oh, the woe's of a working mother. There is a constant pull to be in both worlds at the same time. I'm sure many of you can relate. 

Anyway, he is on the mends! Which is promising. Hopefully I can return to work tomorrow and Colin can stay healthy for his big weekend!

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