Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sick Boy - AGAIN

While I was in Las Vegas for work last week, Colin came down with something nasty. Nana took him to see Dr. B who said it was a viral infection - the third one in two months! Needless to say, we will be cracking down on washing our hands and unnecessary trips into filthy, unhealthy public places. Not to mention, he missed his Mama!

Saturday morning, I was changing his diaper and noticed large red blotches all over his body:

SCARY! He was all clear when he went to bed so I was pretty confident it was not food allergy related, so I called the pediatrician to get some answers. Chronic Idiopathic Urticaria. In other words, they have no idea where the hives came from. Probably related to the viral infection. Colin will be going through a lot of Allegra and Benadryl through the upcoming week.

Other big and exciting news - Colin is in a big boy bed! For now. Yesterday, we had him in his crib and were playing with him when he started to climb over the top! I started envisioning him falling head first in the middle of the night and immediately Chris and I set to work to transform his bed from a crib into a toddler bed:

Isn't he sweet? He actually climbed out of the bed, grabbed his second mouse, climbed back in and arranged it just so and then posed for the camera! LOVE him. 

Last night, he played in his room until around midnight which is when we set up the pack-n-play. Today, he napped very soundly in his bed. Not sure it was a good idea as of yet. We will keep you updated on the Big Boy Bed Adventures!

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  1. Colin, we just love you and we're very excited about your new adventure in your big boy bed. We just want to squeeze you very tightly. Thanks for sharing your viral thing with Nana. Love you bunches, Pap and Nana