Saturday, November 13, 2010

Making a "Mesch"

In our continued efforts to expand Colin's foodie experiences, we decided to give sushi a go. Chris and I enjoy sushi of all kinds and thought that he may like it as well- and it's also covered in rice, which we all know that he loves! We ordered a california roll for him from The Waterfront in Covington. 

He did take a few bites and I wish that I was able to grab a few snapshots of his face because it was priceless. You could tell he very unsure of what he to think: avocado- like, rice- love, crab and seaweed- not so sure!

After a few bites, he began to deconstruct the sushi. In his own words, he 'made a mesch'! A big mess. We'll save sushi for a year or two.

Colin followed up that performance with this one:

And this is what his room usually looks like:

Ugh! The madness! The red bins from IKEA make it very easy to put it all back together- everything has its own place. We are teaching him that principle as well as to clean up after we are finished with something. Oh, to be two again!

P.S. Colin went potty at Beef-O-Brady's last night. It was the first time he has used the potty in a public place (I sat him backwards with plenty of toilet paper on the seat!). Another potty-training milestone!

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