Sunday, January 9, 2011

Newport Aquarium

We have been talking about taking Colin to the aquarium for weeks now but it just never seemed to work out. Well, we finally made it today! And it was SO worth it. We are considering annual passes because it is such a great option for a family with young children. They can run around and explore without being out of your sight! And I think it would be the perfect activity for a rainy day.

Colin has this habit of sticking one of his hands in his mouth whenever he gets excited or nervous. Not really sure why, but it's really cute to be able to read what he's feeling! We could tell he was very excited today because he immediately put his hand in his mouth. He was so overwhelmed. After a while the hand was out and he was his usual bubbly, little self! He had an absolute blast. His favorite exhibit, of course, was the NEMO exhibit:

Lots of NEMOS!

Here he is with Chris looking in the shark tank (don't worry, these are pet-able sharks)

He looks like such a big boy in this picture!
A REAL shark. The no petting kind.
There were murals like this one throughout the entire aquarium and Colin got just as excited to see those as he did the real thing. Sorry for the poor lighting, I need a better camera! (hint, hint)

We were very impressed with our aquarium visit. Hopefully we won't put it off as long the next time!

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