Tuesday, August 21, 2012


We are trying out a feeding concept called 'infant led weaning'. Instead of starting Salem on baby foods and worrying about buying nasty mush or pureeing my own, I did some research and came across ILW. Once the baby is old enough to sit up and bring food to their mouth on their own, they can start exploring foods and learning to eat on their own. They eat the same food that we eat, in their own time.

Salem's still a little young to start- the recommended age is six months- but he has shown a lot of interest in the food that we eat and tends to get cranky during dinner so I thought I would start him and see how it goes. We started with teething biscuits and plain old toast...

 And tonight he tried bananas and chunks of roasted sweet potatoes...

He still struggles a bit with getting a good grasp on the food bits and controlling it to his mouth but he has already shown improvement in just the few times that we have tried it. And he loves it! He gets so frustrated when he keeps dropping pieces. He wants to eat SO badly! 

Colin is a good eater but can be picky at times. I'm hoping that watching his baby brother eat all of these different foods will entice him to be more adventurous, too! 

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