Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My parents called me 'Martin Luther King Jr.' when I was younger. I would commonly come into their room in the middle of the night and tell them 'I had a dream'. Although not the kind of dream as M.L.K. Jr. It was usually an all-too-real nightmare. Not as much fun.

I have always had very vivid, life-like dreams and now it seems that Colin shares the same trait! If you can call it a trait. A gift? A fatal flaw?

He excitedly shared his dream with me this morning. Second night in a row. Last night he was in a new school. With only his friends Paige and Addison. Very vivid. Very realistic. I told him I had had a dream as well.

'Did Dadda have a dream last night in his bed, too?'

'No, just you and Momma.'

'Just me and Momma' with a grin across his little face. Like it's our little secret.

May I always be blessed to have him share his sweet, little dreams with me!

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