Saturday, November 21, 2009

Colin-Proofing and Butt-Proofing Adventures

Yes, I said "butt". Colin and the other little boys at daycare are now sharing a stomach bug that has left Colin's little behind as red as a tomato. I cringe every time I change the poor little guy! Your cringing now, aren't ya? 

I have heard that rubbing Maalox or other such antiacids on a baby's bottom using a cotton ball will help to reduce the irritation because it lessens the acidity just as it does in the GI. Very interesting! We were willing to give anything a try. Two days later, the redness has all but disappeared and diaper changings are MUCH easier. 

In between diaper changes, we finally got around to baby-proofing the cabinets. We have lived in the condo since April and I have been putting off and putting off the annoying baby-proof locks as long as I could. I was hoping we could reach an understanding but one-year-olds do not come to understandings, as it turns out. Therefore, we opted for the locks. 

Leave it to Mr. Colin to get passed them: 


Don't worry, we were able to fix it. And our condo is now officially Colin-proof. For now. 

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