Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Traveling Man

This weekend, we packed up our bags and headed to Chicago! Of course, little Colin was happy to go along for the ride and get his first look at a BIG city. The weather was surprisingly warm so there was no need for these:

One of my neighbors kept saying he was a 'beautiful little girl' so maybe I should get rid of the hat anyway. But back to the trip...Mr. Personality kept the city of Chicago in good spirits. If you passed him in his stroller, you got a little wave and playful smile. You would be surprised how many people waved back! I think it really put a little hop in their step. 

We walked around Millennium Park, strolled down Navy Pier and gorged ourselves at the renowned Giordano's because you can't get go to Chicago and not try the deep-dish pizza. I wish I had taken a picture so you could see the size of this thing! Chris asked for a large and they laughed at him. Huge I tell ya!

Me and the squirmy, little guy at Navy Pier

It was nice to see the sights and explore Chicago, but the rush of the big city made me happy to be back home in Cincinnati!

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