Tuesday, June 8, 2010

20 Months- UHH! Where Did the Time Go?

A little update on the little man...

New Words (sorry if any of these are repeats):
'Peaz' = please
'Mo' + sign = more
'No, Dada' = no, Daddy (his first sentence!)
'Measch' = mess
'Made-a-measch' = I made a mess (haha, it's hysterical!)

We definitely have to watch what we say around him now because he is starting to repeat EVERYTHING!

Favorite Things:
Dump trucks
Loud cars
Baseball, of course

It's really interesting to see how much he's drawn to 'boy' stuff without any (well maybe a little with sports!) encouragement. 

Other Topics of Interest:
He's definitely becoming more choosey when it comes to foods. He actually will open the pantry or sneak in the fridge below you and pick out what food he wants to eat! However, he is also starting to refuse some things and to reach for what is on our plates. Unfortunately, he can't always have what we have because of his allergies. 

In fact, we had his allergies tested again today. It was awful to watch! So far, it looks like none of the four (egg, wheat, soy, peanut) changed for the better. In fact, the peanut got MUCH worse. And beef was added to the list (interesting because he never really liked to eat it). We are following up with blood work to confirm. More fun!

Well, that's all I got. The boy is growing and changing so much! We are loving every minute of it and enjoying each day for what it is. 

Up for debate:
Should we begin soccer at this age? They start at 18 months but just because it is available, should we sign him up?

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