Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mr. Clean

Chris and I will someday have the cleanest house on the block- and not because of either of us! Colin has become quite the helper around the house lately. He helps out with laundry...

And he can even sweep the floor...

A little side note on these pictures. My mom came over for dinner Monday night and brought Thai food over. Colin had a bowl of rice to himself and was running around, dropping little pieces of rice in his path. Once he realized what a mess he had made, he went over to the closet and pulled out the vacuum ON HIS OWN. The thing is like three times his size! To our surprise, he was able to pop off the "child-proof"outlet covers and attempted to plug it in himself! My mom stopped him, of course, and plugged it in for him. But he knew how to turn it on, how to put the handle down, and how to put the cord away. Very scary!

Here's to clean floors in our future!

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