Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Water Boy

This Saturday was my grandfather's (Colin's Great-Grandfather's) 80th birthday. All of my dad's brothers and sisters came in town with their families. Other than the intense heat, the party went off without a hitch and I think that Pap was pleasantly surprised to have us all there for his big day. 

For entertainment, we turned to Colin. He was running around the yard like a mad man paying no mind to the sun and heat. Finally, my uncle devised a 'ghetto' sprinkler for him:

My grandparents' neighbor, Ashley, has a six-year-old daughter. She took pity on poor Colin and set up a Little Mermaid slip-and-slide. After a bit of hesitation, Colin was shooting down the slide like a pro, knocking the girls out of his way:

Here is a video of him trying to keep the girls away from him with the hose (keep a close eye on his stance, this is serious business!):

It was our last trip for the summer! We are relieved to be home and relax a bit. But it was very nice to see the entire family again! 

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