Friday, August 6, 2010

22 Month Update

Twenty-two months! Almost to 2 (hopefully we will avoid the terrible two's) and way past 1. My has time flown by! I have no idea how tall he is or how much he weighs at this point but he does seem to be getting taller so we will see at his next check-up. He's doing very well in school! We haven't had any notes lately which mean he has been on his best behavior (or he has learned how to get away with things). Nevertheless, he did get 'Superstar' ranking for his class this week:

"Colin is our Superstar. He loves to come to school and enjoys playing with all his friends."

Really that's what the newsletter said. I don't make those things up! This fall he will continue to be in Teacher Becky's room, which we are very excited about.

Anyway, here's a little update of our little guy:

New Foods
Quesadillas (with corn tortillas)
Any kind of cheese

New Words
"I want water" - this can mean both 'I want to water' or 'I want to drink water'. He is super helpful in the garden!
Please & Thank You
Why? - yes, the madness has begun

Lately, Colin has been adding the 'ia' sound to a few words like puppy, 'puppia', or peepee, 'peepia'. We have no idea where he picked this up. But it works.

For the longest time we could not get the kid interested in TV. Which, in a way, is a blessing. He did like baseball for awhile. He has now started to get interested in Sesame Street, particularly Elmo ("Melmo") and Blue's Clues. This has given us a little bit of quiet time!

Potty Training
We are making progress on this front. The other day, he came running into the bathroom naked while I was getting ready. He had stripped off his clothes and diaper and came in saying 'peepia!'. I immediately put him on the toilet and he sat there holding his wee for a bit but nothing happened :( Maybe soon!

Colin LOVES the pool! If you aren't careful he will jump in without you. He's not afraid of the water and has done very well progressing. He has started using water wings in the past few weeks and can get around pretty quickly.

We are officially in the big boy bed! Sleeping through the night and going down fairly easily. We are very proud of him!

He has grown and changed so much over the past couples of months! It's fun to think about what is new with him because there is so much. Two more months and I will be updating for his 2nd birthday (baseball theme, of course)!

P.S. Thanks to Christine for the new Sea Turtle! He has added it to his nighttime companions. However, it still has no replaced his beloved Puppy!

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