Saturday, September 11, 2010

CAUTION- Extreme Gushiness Ahead!

I can't help to by emotional sometimes, it's only natural for a mom, right? Lately, I've been having a lot of those little moments that just make your heart swell up and overflow with love and joy. The moments that make you say- It's great to be a MOM!

Last night, we took Colin to his first Ryle High School football game. We sat in the same stands that I used to stand in while I was in high school. We watched the band and dance team line up to form a tunnel for the team. Then the cheerleaders hoisted up their paper sign- 'Welcome to R House!' - and the Raiders broke through and made their way onto the field. Everyone was cheering, but I got teary eyed. Ridiculous, I know. All I could see was Colin breaking through that sign and making his way onto the same field for the first time. So cute! That will be a proud moment. Just thinking about it gets me all teary-eyed again! But those days are still a ways off (thank goodness!). There are plenty of special moments to enjoy up until then...

And not to keep you waiting...

Colin has been showing interest in going "pee pee" on his potty. He will strip off his clothes and sit on the potty, but every time he ends up having an accident. He doesn't quite seem to get it. Again, this morning, he stripped down and I put on his big boy underpants to help prevent any such accidents. A few minutes later he came up to me saying "pee pee" so I took off his underpants and let him sit on his potty, like usual. Within a minute, I see him carefully trying to carry his potty back into the bathroom- HE PEED! No accidents! 

I was not at all expecting it to happen today, like it hadn't on previous days but I was SO happy for him! And I could tell he was very proud of himself. We flushed it down the toilet and he had a special treat. It was a great moment! Who knew that watching someone else relieve themselves could make you so happy?

His big boy underpants
The proof! It happened! 

Congrats Colin! We are so proud of you! Football can come later ;)

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