Monday, October 4, 2010

Sous Chef

I'm playing catch up these days! This posting is a collaboration of a few weeks worth of stories...

A few weeks ago, I took Colin to the grocery store with me. I do not remember what day or what time of day it was, but it was freakishly empty so I let him walk with me rather than sit in the (very uncomfortable-looking) cart. He was quite the helper! He followed along side me very well and only strayed a few times to pick up things that he recognized- box of rice, gatorade, etc. It was very cute! I was amazed that he was able to recognize the items that he can have.

Flash forward a few weeks, I was making a box of the macaroni and cheese that we purchased. The Little Guy got into the cabinet and pulled out a pot for himself. While the water was coming to a boil, I let him have the dry macaroni and a spoon. He went to town 'making' his macaroni and cheese! He really enjoys to watch what I'm doing in the kitchen and tries to 'help' as much as possible. Maybe one of these days he will be cooking for us!

Tomorrow is the Little Guy's 2nd Birthday! Check back for a run down...

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