Sunday, October 17, 2010

10.10.10 - A Baseball Extravaganza!

We couldn't have asked for a better day for Colin's birthday party! The weather was BEAUTIFUL and, in fact, it was down-right-HOT for October, but that didn't stop them from playing their little hearts out! We had friends, food, balloons, a giant playground and a mini-baseball field. Lots of things to do for a two-year-old boy! 

The morning of the party, Colin woke up in his usual good-spirits. While I was getting ready, I heard this sound rubbing against the wall. I found Colin trying to 'hang' his birthday cards. I decided to help him out a bit and taped them to his bedroom door. He was very pleased! I liked the idea so much that I may just have to make it a family tradition:

During his afternoon nap, Chris and I worked in shifts getting things ready for his party. Here's a look at a few of the details:

 The food. Most important, the baseball-shaped Rice Krispies cake. Colin is limited on foods and cannot have your typical cake due to the wheat flour and egg, among other things. Rice Krispies, however, he can enjoy!

Each guest signed this wooden baseball bat as a keepsake!

One of our little guests, Ava. She brought along her little purse to the party, so cute!

The balloons! We had a love/hate relationship that day. Colin was obsessed with them but the wind liked them more! We lost a few good balloons that day :(

The gift table! Lots of fun toys for the little guy.

We were blessed to have our family and friends celebrate with us. Thanks everyone for making it a great day! Now with the party over, we are welcoming Fall with open arms and gearing up for Halloween! 

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