Friday, June 17, 2011


We've had a case of the crazies around here lately! I still have to finish up our Disney trip, haven't even started our Nashville trip and it's almost Father's Day! Please forgive me, I think I have a few good excuses:

still his best pup!
a) We had a sick baby :( It was just a virus. The kind with a high fever and throwing up. Not much fun with a two-(and a half)- year- old.

b) We SOLD our condo! Did I mention that happened in a week? Don't believe me? We couldn't believe it ourselves. It was a quick turn-around. As soon as we got back from Nashville and Colin was healthy again, we started packing and moving, and packing and moving some more! Finally, we are settled into my parents' house and we closed on the condo Wednesday. All that in just two weeks -phew! Just writing it all is enough to put me in a tailspin. 

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