Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Moments...

As I mentioned before, for our first night in Orlando, we ventured off to Downtown Disney. While wandering around the shops and crowds, I captured a picture of Colin's favorite characters outside of the Lego store:

Then we happened upon Bongos. I have been craving Cuban food since we went to Savannah, Georgia so I made sure to drag them in here! It was a big hit. The food was delicious- Colin ate black beans and rice like it was going out-of-style! The hostess sat us in front of the live band, which kept Colin entertained while we enjoyed our meal. 

When we were just about done eating, we let Colin out of his seat so he could go dance with a few of the other kids. Instead of going out onto the floor by himself, he walked up to my seat and pulled me out onto the dance floor! The kid wanted to dance with his Mama! Unfortunately, Chris is still not comfortable with my new camera so we do not have any pictures, but I will forever remember that moment. His sweet little grin and the way he twirled me around. When I was the only girl that he wanted to dance with! Those are the moments that remind you what a blessing it is to be a mom.

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