Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Big Brother

I feel like it's been awhile since I've posted about our first Little Man. Salem is growing and changing so quickly that I can't even keep up! Transitioning from one kid to two was a bit of a challenge. Some days were more overwhelming than others- the natural growing pains of a growing family :) Now, three months into it, I think we've got a pretty good handle on things in the Glasgow household.

As expected, Colin also showed some signs of 'growing pains' during the transition. He didn't act out at home as much as at school but his teachers were open with us and more than willing to work with him through this stage of his life. Gratefully, it seems we've made it through and he's back to the same old, happy-go-lucky kid he always was!

Teacher Tina has incorporated the color system in the classroom this year. Each morning, each kid starts out in 'green', which is good, and then if they have a rough day they are moved to the 'yellow' and then to the 'red' groups. This system is an easy way for parents to gage how their child's day went and if they end up in the 'red' we get a short note explaining what had happened. One afternoon, we were surprised to see that he had made it into the 'blue' group- caught doing something good! We also got a little note that day that read that Colin was caught helping his friend put her sleeping blankets back into her backpack! So sweet!

As he gets older, we can see more and more of his servant heart. He has been SO helpful with Salem. Sometimes too helpful - like the time I caught him trying to give Salem a bottle of water, which he had filled up all on his own! And last week, he asked to help me in the infant nursery at church. At first, he was busy exploring all of the new toys and eating his own snack but once the room got a little overwhelming towards the end of service, he stepped up and started helping his momma! It made my heart smile to see him caring for these little ones that he barely knew. He's going to be such a great big brother and such a good little helper.

We had two different people over the weekend come up to us and compliment us on how well-behaved our three-year-old is. These compliments make my heart sing! It is so encouraging to hear comments like these, especially when we sometimes doubt our abilities as parents. I am so grateful that we have been blessed with such a sweet little boy to raise up. And what a great example he will be as a Big Brother :)

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