Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Magistros Came to Town!

Growing up, my mom was the best at opening her home to visitors! The fridge would be stocked with every one's favorite foods, meals would be planned, and the guest room would be ready for our special guests. That is something that I hope to carry on in our new home as well!

We were delighted to have our good friends Chad and Terra and their sweet little girl, Melia, come in for a visit this weekend. The weather was supposed to be bad so we kinda played everything by ear, deciding first to go to the zoo and then skipping that and heading to the Newport Aquarium when the clouds starting rolling in. The kiddos didn't seem to mind either way!

Of all of us, Colin seems to LOVE visitors the most! He kept asking us for hours before their arrival when 'that girl' was going to get here. They played together so well and we enjoyed their company very much! Can't wait for them to come visit us again soon.

In other news, Salem is now a rolling machine and tried out his highchair for the first time today! Since he is teething, I have had him try a slice of an apple to suck on and today he tried a teething biscuit. He picked it up and made it into his mouth a few times but there is definitely going to be some learning involved! Can't believe my little guy is big enough to do all of this already. Blows my mind!

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