Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Hurricane Sandy & Halloween

Hurricane Sandy 2012 brought a load of bad weather our way, just in time for Halloween. Trick-or-treating was a cold, drizzly event. Luckily, we did have the opportunity to dress up for a couple of earlier events at Little Red, our church, and even the library. Here's a picture of the boys waiting to go trick-or-treating at Little Red in warmer weather:

Colin, as I mentioned in a previous post, took his character very seriously. Maybe too seriously. He signed his name as 'Buzz' on all school papers for the days leading up to Halloween and had to be persuaded to switch back to the name 'Colin' after the day came and went! I will miss these days :)

On Halloween night, we made a quick trip to Nana and Pop's house and then because of the weather, we made a quick trip up the street to visit the neighbors and called it a night. Our neighborhood is still growing so it will be interesting to see how many more stops we have next year. And with another trick-or-treater in tow!

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