Thursday, March 28, 2013

Teacher Debbie

Of all our guests (no offense to the rest of you!) we were so excited to have Teacher Debbie come to Salem's birthday party. He recently moved up to a new room so she is no longer his teacher but she took care of him from the very first day that he started school. From 12 weeks on, she has tended to him and loved him in our absence. And what a special bond these two have developed!

Throughout the party, Salem wanted only Teacher Debbie. She carried him around until it was time to sit down to eat and every time he opened a gift he would carry it over to her to share it with her. As a parent, it was so awesome to see that he feels so comfortable with her and, more than that, adores her! We have always liked our school and both boys seem to do well but this was much more than we could have asked for! Without a doubt, our boys are well taken care of while we are away at work.

We are so thankful to have teachers that continue to pour into our children's lives. Teacher Debbie has been such a blessing to our family. We were honored to have her as a guest in our home :)

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