Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ode to Teacher Jessica

Words cannot describe how grateful we are for our Teacher Jessica!

Colin switched rooms at the beginning of the year, leaving behind his friends and his beloved Teacher Tina (and Stephanie!). He was in a completely new environment and a little out of his element. Within a few weeks, we were given notice that he was going to have yet another new teacher as his current teacher was leaving the school. Colin had already struggled a bit with all of the changes. I remember him telling me one day that he didn't have a class (or friends) because he felt like he was constantly moving around. Now he was going to have to go through it all again.

Enter Teacher Jessica. How she does it, we will never know. There were days when I couldn't even handle just stepping into the room to pick Colin up. 10 four-year-olds is more than any one person should handle at one time! But she does it. And she does it well!

Colin quickly adjusted to his new teacher and his new friends. He was excited to go to school again. And as a working parent, there isn't anything more that we could ask for! We couldn't have hand-picked a better teacher for Colin at this season of his life. She got him. She understood his quirkiness and, even better, encouraged it. And he began to thrive again because of that.

The end of the school year came too soon! We are sad to leave behind yet again another great teacher. Colin will miss you greatly, Teacher Jessica! Know that your impact will always be fondly remembered.

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