Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas 2009

We spent Christmas in Pittsburgh, PA this year. Thanks to the great nor'easter, the city was blanketed by snow just in time for the big day. Colin got some use out of his still-too-big snowsuit:

Not only did I not post for almost two weeks, but I also forgot to take pictures of Colin on Christmas morning - yikes! Here are some pictures of him opening presents back at my parents' house the Sunday after:

Isn't he sweet? And we LOVE the Penguins sweater from Caitlin! After our first Penguins game this holiday, we decided that we wanted to get Colin interested in hockey. My family must have read our thoughts because he received the sweater and a Penguins hockey stick from my aunt and uncle within days!

My family lives a little outside of Pittsburgh, in a small town in Western PA. Western PA has produced a lot of big football talent, especially quarterbacks, but other than that, there's not a whole lot to be said. To get out and about one day we took a trip to the Beaver Valley Mall, where Colin took ride on a few of the quarter-rides:

Probably not the most sanitary things, but he was smiling! 

 It was nice to spend time with our family that we do not get to see a lot. And, of course, the food was great! I hope everyone had as great a Christmas as we did. Happy, healthy New Year (and decade!) to all!

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