Monday, December 7, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus...

I'll admit it- I've been a bad blogger. We went to Pittsburgh this weekend for the UC/Pitt game and I FORGOT my camera! Unbelievable. I always have my camera. So no pictures and no blog from this weekend, sorry!

Recently, I've had a lot of requests for Christmas gift ideas for Colin. To be honest, the kid is very blessed, to say the least, and has more than enough toys to keep him busy! Here are a few ideas:

1) MONEY ::: I've opened a separate bank account for Colin and it is growing! You can help it grow by giving him a monetary gift for Christmas. 

2) DONATION FOR A CAR SEAT ::: Colin will soon pass the 20 lb. mark (finally!) which means he can upgrade to a big-boy car seat. Yes, he's still in an infant carrier. So if you don't want your monetary gift to just sit in an account and collect dust, you can donate it to the car seat fund!

3) CLOTHES ::: Even if Colin doesn't grow out of his current clothing size any time soon, warmer weather will be here again before we know it- and I'm hoping that will be sooner than later! Currently, he wears 12 mos., so for the summer 18 mos. should work. Sports attire for the Steelers and Bearcats will always be appreciated!

4) LEARNING ACTIVITIES ::: A kid can never have too many books! And think ahead too, he will be reading for years to come if I have anything to do with it. Also, he's not a big TV watcher, yet, but I wouldn't mind starting a Sesame Street DVD collection for him! 

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