Saturday, December 4, 2010

Christmas 'Dights' and Breakfast with Santa

Last night, Chris and I bundled Colin up and tucked him his carseat for a Christmas light search! Out of our back window, we can see a huge house lit up but we weren't sure where to find it. After heading down a few streets, we were greeted by a massive display of Christmas lights- seriously, it puts the Griswold's to shame! They have a Santa's workshop, a carousel, manger- the entire yard is Christmas-fied! I cannot imagine the amount of time and labor that goes into such a display but after seeing the look on Colin's face, I can tell you it is well worth it! Kudos to the home-owners for spreading Christmas cheer to all who pass by!

This morning we woke up to SNOW! A layer of snow had blanketed the grass and trees and has continued to fall all day. The roads were still clear so we took Colin to my parents' church, St. Tim's, for Breakfast with Santa. Last year, Colin was grumpy and tired so sitting on Santa's lap didn't go so well. This year, he was very cooperative:

Then we took a trip to the barbershop for a quick haircut- which he barely stayed awake for! Chris had to keep his held from falling over in the middle of her snipping. Very funny to watch!

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