Saturday, May 26, 2012

Another Year Down...

This week Colin had his end of the school year luau at Little Red. These moments are a little bittersweet for me- he's getting older and smarter, which is awesome, but he's also GETTING OLDER, which makes me sad! I didn't cry this year but that could be because I know he's going to be in the same class again next year :)

Either way, we are SO proud of our little man! The class sang their ABC's for us, counted to 20, sang the days of the week and months of the years songs, and then counted to 10 in both Spanish and German! We didn't even know that he new Spanish! Kind of. He sort of lip-syncs his way through those two. But still, very impressive indeed! The highlight of the night was watching the kiddos 'dance' and 'hula' to Blue Hawaii. That video is a keeper. Kind of like our little man...

With Teacher Tina

With Teacher Stephanie

With his Momma

And guess who won the award as Mr. Smiles?


"Whether we are doing circle time or he is off playing with his friends, Colin always has a smile on his face. We love his genuine friendliness and happy outlook. Thanks, Colin, we love your smiles." - Teacher Tina

Little Man, we are so proud of you and all that you have accomplished! You are growing into a bright, fun-loving, young man right before our eyes. We pray that you never lose your child-like spirit and, of course, your cute smile! We LOVE you OH so much! - Momma and Dadda

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