Saturday, May 26, 2012

WDW 2012

I think Chris and I were a little too optimistic about what we could handle with two kids, one just 7 weeks old, at Disney World. This trip was a LOT of work for us. A lot of juggling lines, tired kids with just one stroller, and a nursing schedule. By the time we got the hang of it, it was time to leave! I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked, especially since it was this little man's first official trip:

But we did manage to make it over to Epcot (not really a stretch since it's Chris' favorite park) to take a picture with Mickey! No trip would be complete without that.

We did all of the usual - Buzz Lightyear Space Rangers, it's a small world (Salem's rode too!), Pirates of the Caribbean, etc. There is a new ride in Magic Kingdom called Barnstormer and it was great! Like a pint-size roller coaster. Colin was a little hesitant after the first hill, then he was 'wee-ing' all the way through and rode it again with his Dadda! The next time we come, he should be tall enough to ride Space Mountain and Splash Mountain and all of those goodies.

We also ventured to Hollywood Studios for the first time. However, we got there a bit late. All of the shows were done for the day - except for the Little Mermaid and the Muppets, so we did both of those. And he liked them a lot. However, we missed the Disney Junior show, which he really would have liked, and we missed an opportunity to take pictures with Buzz and Woody! I about cried. I had no idea how great this area of the park was for kids! I am so sad that we did not find it sooner. We did go on the new Buzz Lightyear ride (a 90 minute wait for most of the night!) but next visit we will be sure to spend more time in Hollywood Studios to really enjoy it! I'm sure it will become one of our favorite spots!

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