Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To the City of Black & Yellow

As I sit writing this in bed, I can see Colin busily working on a puzzle in the next room. I hope this puzzle-fascination lasts awhile!

On to bigger things, we had tickets to the UC men's basketball game in Pittsburgh this weekend which just so happened to overlap with the Steelers' trip to the Super Bowl! What a fun weekend. We stayed at my Grandma's house (Colin calls her Jam/Dam/or something of the sort) and we had a blast! She loved it. Of course, on Friday we arrived to a table full of food - at midnight, just for Chris and I. Love being Italian! 

Saturday morning we had breakfast with my Gram and Pap at Panera in good-ole Monaca, PA. They claimed that they had never eaten at Panera- just had coffee and a pastry. Who goes to Panera and doesn't eat there?!? While we enjoyed our meals, Colin (who sadly couldn't eat because they were out of fruit cups- another surprising factor) played with a little friend he had made. We let him out of his highchair to play with a little boy sitting at a table diagonal to us. The boy was a little older than Colin but that didn't stop him! He started GIVING the little boy his favorite toys- his Toy Story figurines. It was funny to watch them pass them back and forth, and Colin watched from the window as his friend left with his mom and walked to their car.

We made a quick stop at Dick's to pick-up a highly coveted Steelers AFC Champions T-shirt for my little bro and headed out to my Aunt and Uncle's. My Aunt Lynn and Uncle Ray were going to watch him for us while we went to the game and had gone over and above preparing for the big night! He got a brand new Build-A-Bear and a giant coloring book with crayons. His favorite toy, and the one that I loved watching him play with most, was a very old Noah's Ark. The ark opened up to show a huge collection of tiny pairs of animals. Colin began taking them out and one-by-one sorted them by pairs, and then by types. I was amazed that he knew as many animals as he did (alligators, elephants, zebra, horse, lion, etc.) but even more amazed that he was able to count them (two lions!) and place them in a sort of scientifically-ordered fashion (all of the rhinos, hippos, and elephants were in a line; all of the zebras, horses, and deer were lined up too!). Everyone else was very amazed by all of this too- as well as his speedy puzzle-building skills too. And I remembered the verse: "But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart", Luke 2:19. My heart literally swelled with pride. Not in the proud, 'I have the smartest son in the world' kind of way, but the 'I have been blessed with an amazing little boy- and what have we been teaching him/NOT been teaching him!' kind of way. Needless to say, I was so grateful to hear all of the sweet things that my family had to say about him! 

Even though the Bearcats lost (and the Steelers too) we managed to have a very good time. It was a good family trip. We hope to visit Pittsburgh again soon- and for more than a day!

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