Friday, February 11, 2011

Enjoy It Now...

I have had a few late nights this week- class on Monday, class on Wednesday, and dinner with the girls last night- so I haven't had a lot of Colin-Time this week. We have cuddled most mornings, which is very special, but when we are rushing out the door, all of that special-ness gets lost in the hustle and bustle of things! This morning I tried to recreate our Panera breakfast date. However, it didn't go quite as nicely as the first time:

First, I tried to stay on a conference call (on mute) while standing in line and at the same time, managing a two-year-old boy. Not going to happen. While I'm standing in line, Colin is going back-and-forth between me and our table, which was in the room with the closed doors. I did this intentionally so that I could be on my call without disturbing the other guests. Well, turns out, the doors also make a great toy for kids. Colin kept opening and closing- and not gently- oh, no, no, no. These doors were flying open! Sorry to the old men sitting at the nearby table. Of course, the cashier very nicely informed me (while this chaos was going on in the background) that they were out of the fruit cup - the only thing that Colin can really eat there- after I had already paid! Instead, they gave me a fruit and yogurt parfait, which, of course, Colin wanted nothing to do with. And they forgot my bagel. So after I finally got him settled I had to go back up to remind them of nicely, when I passed a sweet old man that smiled at me and said simply 'enjoy it now.' 

Here I am, bracing for a reprimand for ruining this man's breakfast because I couldn't control my two-year-old. Instead, he stopped me dead-in-my-tracks with a whole other kind of scolding- 'enjoy it now'. Am I enjoying? I like to think so. But is it enough? Am I taking the time to turn off the computer, stop the emails and conference calls, and, now, take a break from the homework to enjoy where my son is right now? Alarmingly, no. And that saddened me. I'm trying to do too much at one time, trying to keep all of these plates balanced in the air, and putting aside what is most important right now. My sweet little boy! Who is two and is growing and changing everyday! And today, with him, is a gift. 

So, just because I'm feeling all emotional, I thought I'd share some of my favorite little things about him now:

1) He has started to call me 'Mommia' again. No idea where the Spanish-flair comes from, but I kinda like it!
2) He will now tell me when he's scared! Very cute that he even knows what it is- and even cuter that he wants me to know!
3) Each morning, he comes to me to cuddle in bed for a few minutes before I have to start getting ready. And there is no better way to start the day!
4) And speaking of mornings, he's going through this I-love-my-pj's-phase. He has gone to school a few days with a pajama shirt hidden underneath of a regular shirt. You gotta pick and choose your battles, right?

Our next Panera date will be without the conference call - and with the fruit cup!

'Every good and perfect gift is from above.' - James 1:17

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