Monday, February 21, 2011

Thank the Lord... FOR A THREE DAY WEEKEND!

Hooray! Both Chris and I were given President's Day off this year so we were able to enjoy a long needed three-day weekend ( I personally think we should have at least one three-day weekend a month, they make life so much better)! On Saturday we were able to get a lot of our chores out of the way so we relaxed on Sunday and Monday. It was a great time for our family to recharge!

On Sunday, the weather was a little yucky, very chilly and somewhat rainy, so we took a trip to the Children's Museum. We had been to the Museum before for other exhibits but had never ventured into the Children's Museum. We were pleasantly surprised at how cheap the tickets were- much more affordable than a trip to the aquarium or the zoo. Again, Colin did his signature, nervous move- putting his hand in is mouth- when we first arrived, but he quickly got acclimated and really enjoyed himself!

His favorite areas were the construction site and the ball zone. We also took him into Little Sprouts Farm since he was still too small to climb in the Woods, and this turned out to be a good spot for someone his age (and size). There were so many great activities for kids of all ages! It is a great place to spend some quality, family time and we were only disappointed that we hadn't visited sooner. We'll have to take advantage of the Museum more often, especially on rainy days!
Playing in the Ball Zone
Building a tower with Dadda
Dominating the Lego exhibit!
Getting ready to explore the construction zone!
Shoveling the 'rocks' like a pro. And bossing kids around like a future supervisor!

We really took advantage of our special weekend together. It was such a blessing to relax and recharge. Now, back to enjoying the rest of our day off!

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