Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Family Cars

No, we are not getting a new car. Just a recent quirk of the Little Man. Everyday, he passes out these cars to each one of us: 

As soon as we wake up or when we walk in the door, he hands us a car. Colin gets the green one, I get the red/white one, and Dadda gets the yellow one. Everyday, the same cars. One morning he even brought me my truck while I was still in bed. Maybe a little too much sharing. Thanks, Bud. You know you are jealous!

P.S.S Before I forget AGAIN, I got the most adorable Valentine's Day card this year from Colin. I had class that night and happened to get out somewhat early. When I walked in the door, Chris told me to check on Colin in his bed. I opened his door and saw him sitting in bed with a huge smile on his face. He reached up to hand this to me:

"Happy Valentine's Day Mommy! I love you more than chips (chocolate chips) and knacks (fruit snacks)! Thanks for being such a great mommy and hope you and daddy have a great Valentine's Day! Love, your baby"

I betcha you couldn't find anything sweeter than that at Hallmark! More than chips and knacks? That's true love. Best. Valentine. Ever. 

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