Monday, January 2, 2012

End of Summer 2011

Due to some computer issues, it has been very difficult for me to post any updates! I have a whole line-up of pictures waiting to be logged, so here is a quick summer update:

Colin's First Boat Ride with Grammy and Grampy

Co-Captain Colin!

Our second trip did not go so well. We lost all of our props and had to be towed. Forever etched in a two-year-old's mind.

Lots and Lots of Homemade Popsicles! Colin preferred the cantaloupe and watermelon varieties, Dadda and Momma preferred the peaches & cream and blueberry-lime. Yum! Fresh fruit makes a HUGE difference.

Playing soccer and baseball with Dadda in the backyard. Riding bikes. Anything to be outside.

Swimming. Swimming. And more Swimming. While staying at my parents we took advantage of the neighborhood pool. By the end of the summer, Colin was able to swim on his own with his Nemo swimmies!

And, one more first, horseback riding! We made our first trip the Horse Park in Lexington and he loved it! He experienced his first horse ride and was IN LOVE! We will be going back to the Horse Park for sure.

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