Monday, January 2, 2012

FAAN Walk: Meeting Others Just Like Us

In late September, we made a trip to our favorite Ohio city, Columbus, to take part in a FAAN Walk. We toured a few booths to check out a few new products and listened to a few of the key speakers (interestingly, not a single one of them had kids with as many food allergies as Colin!) before taking part in a walk around a park to build awareness and sensitivity for kids with food allergies. 

There currently is not a cure for food allergies and more and more families are having to face the challenge of having a child that is diagnosed with allergies, some of them life-threatening. I have had numerous conversations with other parents who's kids are 'normal' and they express frustration with the peanut bans in public schools. There is still a huge misunderstanding when it comes to the severity and important of food allergies. It brought tears to my eyes to hear other people's stories of dealing with the same challenges and fears. We will definitely be more involved with FAAN in the future.

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