Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Kicking It at Soccer Practice

Colin has been taking Happy Feet classes at school but when the opportunity to join a Winter League came up, we jumped on it! We couldn't wait to be able to see our little guy hone his skills!
Just look at those moves! And check out this grin:

He's one happy kid! He had a blast! One thing we have noticed, Colin is a little bit of a teacher's pet. Any opportunity he gets, he will be right in front of the coaches or practically sitting on top of them. And he's always one of the first to answer:

Oh well, he's happy. And he seems to be learning. No games yet, just shooting goals and dribbling practice. It's a good program for the little ones! 

Building a 'snowman' with his friends

Can't wait to see if he likes to play soccer this much when he gets older!

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