Monday, January 2, 2012

Three Year Update

Look Who's Three!

Our little guy is still small by most standards. 35 inches high and 27 lbs. 4 oz. small. In fact, he's not even on the chart for his height or weight at this point. He did reach as size 2T just in time for his third birthday! His pajama drawer is overflowing because we keep getting new pj's when he can still fit in his old ones. Being small has it's benefits :)

Since his first, severe allergic reaction this summer (he threw up all night after eating broccoli that had been seasoned with a teriyaki sauce), he has been very cautious about trying new foods. He has become somewhat of a picky-eater, even starting a gagging reaction. It's been a very frustrating time, and a little sad as a parent. I don't want him to be afraid of food, I want him to be able to enjoy all sorts of foods!

For eating out, we stick to Wendy's and Chipotle. They have the 'safest' options for him. At home, we always have an abundance of Eat for Life snack options, tortilla chips, cheese, Boar's Head hot dogs, corn tortillas, sausage, rice, and plenty of black beans!

His new favorite food of choice is celery. Who knew?

Colin moved up to a new room at the beginning of the school year. We were a little hesitant at first because his little buddies were not going to be in the same room. But we have been very pleased with the transition! Teacher Tina is beyond patient with the students. She is sweet yet stern. For this age group, it's a good combination! Colin has improved greatly in his speaking skills (in fact, Chris asked today if the 3's were called the 'Talkative Three's"), he is learning to color and cut on his own, he can now count up to almost 20 and is beginning to recognize some letters. He has also become successful at learning his colors and is doing great with potty-training! We could not be more proud of him. He's learning and growing in so many ways!

Next stage: becoming a big brother!

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